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Alley, Clark & Greiwe continues to aggressively pursue claims on behalf of persons who have suffered serious injury and disability related to metal-on-metal hip implants manufactured by several different companies.  Most metal-on-metal hip implants were approved under the FDA’s controversial 510(k) approval process.  The 510(k) approval process does not require submission of any clinical trials or safety studies before marketing and distribution occurs across the U.S.

Until just a couple of years ago, more than one-third of all hip replacements performed annually in the U.S. were performed with a metal-on-metal implant configuration.  This means the “ball and socket” artificial hip components were made from cobalt-chromium metal alloys. Metal-on-metal implants became popular because the metal was thought to be more durable than traditional implants made from ceramic or plastic.

Studies have now shown that metal-on-metal hip implants generate metallic “wear debris” as the weight bearing components rub together during normal movement.  The tiny particles of metallic debris can lead to a unique complication called metallosis in some patients.  Metallosis is the buildup of metallic debris in the surrounding soft tissues that can cause early implant failure, chronic pain, inflammation, swelling, muscle and tissue damage, pseudo-tumor formation, and high levels of cobalt and chromium in patients’ blood.

Overall, the failure rate of metal-on-metal hip implants has been much higher than traditional implants made of ceramic or polyethylene.  In the last few years, thousands of patients across the U.S. have undergone extensive revision surgeries to remove one or more metal hip components. Unfortunately, revision surgeries are often more complicated by joint instability. Joint instability has been reported to occur more frequently in hips that are revised because of tissue damage caused by metallosis.

Since there is no joint registry system in the U.S., it is impossible to calculate with any certainty the exact number of failures of all-metal hips.  Some manufacturers’ products have higher failure rates than other manufacturers.

Manufacturers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Visit our webpages for additional information on any of the following manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip implants, and please contact our firm to discuss any other manufacturer not included on the list below.

Reported Problems With Metal Hip Implants

Reported problems with metal-on-metal implants include:

  • Severe pain in groin, hip, or leg
  • Unusual “clicking” or “popping” of the joint
  • Loosening of the product from the bone
  • Loosening of the product causing fracture in surrounding bone
  • Bone and tissue damage and/or necrosis from metallic wear debris
  • Elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in bloodstream

How Do You Find Out If You Have A Metal Hip Implant?

Contact your orthopedic surgeon or the hospital where the surgery took place.  If you are unable to determine the type of implant you received, the hip replacement lawyers at Alley, Clark & Greiwe will provide you with a release form to sign so that we may obtain the brand name and model number of the hip implant that was implanted during your surgery.

Our Tampa Lawyers Can Help You Get Compensation for Your Hip Replacement

At Alley, Clark & Greiwe, our lawyers have extensive experience in representing persons injured by defective joint replacement products and other defective medical devices. If you or a loved one have been implanted with a metal-on-metal hip implant and have undergone revision surgery or suspect that you may need to undergo surgery in the future, please contact a hip replacement attorney at 813-222-0977 for a free consultation on your legal rights, or contact us online now.

Consumer Resources

FDA's Q&A Information for Patients with Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Click here to view the Johnson & Johnson ASR Hip Recall Resource Packet

Click here to view the DePuy ASR Recall Notice

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