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July 16, 2021. Category: Car Accidents

Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Road Safety During Hurricane Season

While Florida is known for its temperate climate and beautiful beaches, there is one part of coastal living that is not so pleasant, and that is hurricane season. Generally running from June to November, hurricane season is a time when all Floridians know to be on high alert for inclement weather conditions. The attorneys at our firm are well-versed on the ill-effects of hurricanes, including the safety issues they cause on Florida roadways. A Tampa car accident lawyer from our firm explains below. 

Potential Road Hazards During Hurricane Season According to Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

Hurricane season brings with it the possibility of horrendous weather conditions which have a substantial effect on the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. These conditions may include the following:

  • Tornadoes: Although they are normally weak in Florida, a tornado can nevertheless cause extreme damage to roadways, vehicles, and passengers.
  • High Winds: High winds can cause vehicles to be pushed off roadways, as well as cause signs and other debris to be thrown into vehicles or block roadways. 
  • Heavy Rain & Flooding: Heavy rains reduce visibility and flooding roads can sweep vehicles off the roadway.

How to Avoid Road Accidents During Hurricane Season

The best way to avoid motor vehicle accidents is to stay home during times of inclement weather, such as hurricane season. Rather than trying to find hurricane supplies after local meteorologists announce one is on the way, prepare in advance so that you can stay home instead of on congested roadways. If you are unable to avoid being on the roads when the weather starts to get rough, the following tips from our Tampa car accident lawyer can help. 

  • Drive slowly! Many accidents, such as those caused by hydroplaning, can be avoided by slowing down. 
  • Do not drive through a flooded roadway. Even if you feel you can safely drive through pooled standing water, it is always a better idea to turn around and find a different route. Standing water, when a hurricane is brewing, can quickly change to swift-moving water in a matter of seconds.
  • Turn your wipers on high and make sure your headlights are on. Visibility is always a problem during bad weather so it is imperative to use your wipers and headlights to your advantage. 
  • Do not tailgate other drivers. Motor vehicles are not able to slow down as quickly as normal when roads are wet, and driving rain makes it difficult to see when a vehicle in front of you comes to a stop. Make sure you give yourself enough space to come to a complete stop if the need arises. 

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